A podcast about a short white boy with a microphone.. did I mention its off the hizzy?

Monday, July 24, 2006

PPP 8- The return of episode 8-I am not Yoda

3 podcasts in a day.. i hope your happy.. enjoy! (you may also search "yoda bail" on google video or youtube)

THANKYOU HENRY!!! ps.just to let everyone know, im uploading all my shit on henrys libsyn account which he has to pay for, so all i hafta say is thanks! maybe ill give him a tribute podcast..pshhh we need a vote! whoever wants henrys tribute podcast gimme a line!

PPP 10- Episode 1- The boy and his Pistachio

Wooowee! 2 podcast in the same day! what a coinincidence.. oh wait, what bad marketing strategies. well anwywas this is mine and orlandos series and mind the editing, it was intentional and it will mostly likely change throughout the season. watchout House! the boy and his pistachio are guna kikyocripledass! purpleplatypuspodcast@gmail.com

PPP 9.5- the boy aint wrong at least..

YOYO everyone hi tis liam and ive been slacking and stuff but im back with another anoying podcast to be avialable to your ears anytime of the day... so the deal is that this is just temporary since me and orlando have start a soap! called "the boy and his pistachio" and you will be seeing the lameness in further episodes.. hell you might even see me land on my face(google video) so drop a chain letter or 2 at purpleplatypuspodcast@gmail.com ! cheers