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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

PPP 8- I am not yoda

well this is me trying to do a yoda flip, its a 540 front flip thingy, and well, it didnt turn out so well.. damn gravity..
its also on google video(video.google.com)! just search yoda bail and presto! and youtube.com as well, you get the point



Blogger Henry said...

ROFL, I love it how I can distinctly hear your sister LOL! priceless!!

8:01 PM

Blogger Eugene said...

Musta hurt!

8:11 AM

Blogger shedtroll said...

OW.....Just whatchin' it hurts.

3:07 AM

Blogger Live on a Stage said...

omg that is the most funniest thing ive ever seen. Im sorry that had to happen to you! that is a myspace video and youtube FEATURED VIDEO waiting to happen.!

-Tyler Mckenzie

5:07 PM


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