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Sunday, May 21, 2006

PPP 5- Lipstick!

yo yo today its all about the henry and the liamness ness, were talkin about practical jokes gone wrong.. and some other stuff i guess, its pretty long and sorry about the volume of henry's voice.. he was being dumb, and uhhh what else did we talk about? oh yes, my podcat tomorrow will be the whipped cream one, and the pictures wont be like a movie, so your going to have to watch i like a slideshow on the computer, it will show up on the little picture in the botom left corner, hmm oh yeah! and lipstick is the code name for switching questoins if anyone is wondering, and the song is funky town, and the nature anthem(not that mountain crap) cheers! e-mail me at purpleplatypuspodcast@gmail.com woo


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