A podcast about a short white boy with a microphone.. did I mention its off the hizzy?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PPP 12- FGF Bitches!!

myspace.com/wearefgf is the place to be right now! check out mine and orlandos band and subscirbe to updtaes! these are a couple of songs outve of the many more about to be realeases! soon coming out.. hey there baby, little piece of poo, and animal sex! woo thanks for everyone listening to my podcast! drop a line at purpleplatypuspodcast@gmail.com (ps.) i know this was a bit long at the end.. just deal with it!

shortpoppysyndrome rules!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

PPP 11 - Pranking Tim Hortons

Liam & Henry are back with a special guest, Billy, to do some more prank calling!

there are three places that prank callers dream of calling - Blockbuster, Tim Hortons and Pizza Hut! ... and we've got all three of them in tonights episode!

big prawps go to Michael, who was on skype with Liam & I, feeding us ideas on what to say.

and make sure you listen to the end, there's a sweet cover of 'Eye of the Tiger' by Liam's band, FGF

Monday, July 24, 2006

PPP 8- The return of episode 8-I am not Yoda

3 podcasts in a day.. i hope your happy.. enjoy! (you may also search "yoda bail" on google video or youtube)

THANKYOU HENRY!!! ps.just to let everyone know, im uploading all my shit on henrys libsyn account which he has to pay for, so all i hafta say is thanks! maybe ill give him a tribute podcast..pshhh we need a vote! whoever wants henrys tribute podcast gimme a line!

PPP 10- Episode 1- The boy and his Pistachio

Wooowee! 2 podcast in the same day! what a coinincidence.. oh wait, what bad marketing strategies. well anwywas this is mine and orlandos series and mind the editing, it was intentional and it will mostly likely change throughout the season. watchout House! the boy and his pistachio are guna kikyocripledass! purpleplatypuspodcast@gmail.com

PPP 9.5- the boy aint wrong at least..

YOYO everyone hi tis liam and ive been slacking and stuff but im back with another anoying podcast to be avialable to your ears anytime of the day... so the deal is that this is just temporary since me and orlando have start a soap! called "the boy and his pistachio" and you will be seeing the lameness in further episodes.. hell you might even see me land on my face(google video) so drop a chain letter or 2 at purpleplatypuspodcast@gmail.com ! cheers


Monday, June 26, 2006

PP9 - the boy aint right

It's prank calls galore tonight! Big props to Orlando for providing the Dr. Phil and Michael Jackson sound boards (as well as the Woody Woodpecker laugh).


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

PPP 8- I am not yoda

well this is me trying to do a yoda flip, its a 540 front flip thingy, and well, it didnt turn out so well.. damn gravity..
its also on google video(video.google.com)! just search yoda bail and presto! and youtube.com as well, you get the point


Saturday, May 27, 2006

PPP 7- Is This Hugh Jass?

Liam & Henry call Hugh Jass, thanks for being a good sport Hugh!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

PPP 6- How To Shave With Whipped Cream

Need to shave but don't have any shaving cream available? Not a problem! In this episode, Liam deomonstrates how using whipped cream with his impressive crustache is not match for the mighty Gillette Five shaver!

If you don't have a nano or ipod video make sure you watch this episode in itunes as there are a series of photos to see ... you'll understand once you watch it.

Thanks, and don't forget to check out Liams favorite podcast, Short Poppy Syndrome!